The Nightmare I have had With the Rewards conversion from a Lifetime Platinum Premier Elite ( thought I was Ambassador )

Discussion created by carneke on Sep 1, 2018

Dear Marriott/ SPG,


I was asked to fill out a survey when exiting the site just now, here is the recap of my last 3 weeks with the conversion so far: 


You are missing 4 stays and points even though you see them on your end, it means nothing to me if I can't see it on mine. You de-valued the Marriott point program by 40%, you should have grandfathered old points ( given us a 40% bonus on old points ) for us lifers that we have been saving for the vacations we need to take and sadly don't since you can now hit us with high season points surcharges . You are missing 20,979 SPG points from the program conversion that I converted from my AMEX. You have not converted my certificate for 1-5 cat to 25,000 points as you stated you were going to do in the merger announcement. I had Ambassador status a week ago, now I don't, even though I have 232 ( 111 rollover ) nights stayed and well over $20,000 in spend for 2018. My cash spend total for 2018 is way off, and you have no way to validate your numbers no manager called back as promised. You have not given me cash credit for the Marriott meeting room rentals I've had. I have had 5 different calls to your rewards customer service line in the last 3 weeks that were over 2 hours long each and have had no resolution to not even one problem and they promise a manager call back, with no manager calling me back after being promised one on 4 different occasions. What I see on my and the app in my account activity is completely different than what the rewards service rep sees on their end. I made a points+ cash reservation on SPG before the conversion that was $275 US + tax plus points per night, now that same reservation shows $303.50 US + tax per night with no explanation ( Thank goodness for the original confirmation email ) with no call back from the hotel or the manager at SPG reservations as promised."


And by the way, stayed at the ALOFT Miami Airport for a park, stay, fly rate and in the description they left out there is no secure parking, it is in the worst neighborhood and DIRECTLY across the street from the county prison. And they will not let you out of your reservation there when you show up there after 5pm and discover the bad neighborhood, and gloomy awful conditions of the hotel. And no credit for the stay or points....Nice! And got left waiting for the hotel shuttle for an hour and a half upon my return.


On a positive note, my Wife and I just got back from The Marriott Property in Dublin, one of the nicest hotels and best stays and BY FAR the best staff of any Marriott I have EVER stayed at in my 1200+ nights.


For any Marriott staff that read this and would like to reach out, I have documentation, confirmation emails, and screen shots  and for that matter the phone records for all of the above and can back up all complaints to the point and penny. All you have to do is call. I wish someone would.