Travel Brilliantly ?

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As the memory of August 18th fades there are a number of pain points that linger:

  • Excessive wait time when calling to make a reservation and request a comp upgrade based upon Platinum status.
  • Calls spontaneously dropping after waiting 20 minutes or more.
  • Reservation agents saying 'hello, hello' and then hanging up. (this happened more than 5 times)
  • Mobile app not working specifically not showing upcoming reservations.
  • Mobile app notifying you that your room is ready just pick up the keys and the hotel doesn't have your reservation or know what rates you were quoted. (Surprising - but this really happened)
  • Marriott reservations not recognizing my mobile phone when I registered the number.
  • Missing Terms and Conditions for SPG and Marriott Rewards. Section 4.3.e.(i) refers to "additional benefits as further described in section 5.8". Somebody dropped the ball. Section 5.8 is missing.


There's more. Who has time for that? The point is that my experience is anything but Travel Brilliantly.


Customer Care responded with Automatic Reply Case 63742776.


Patience wears thin.