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Third-party bookings and rewards status benefits.

Question asked by ml8193 on Aug 31, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 12, 2020 by brightlybob

Hi. We recently made a third party booking because we were able to locate an unpublished hotel deal through Priceline that was substantially cheaper than if we booked direct. We are currently gold members but will reach platinum by our stay, which in January (we're only one night away). My question is, I know that third party bookings are ineligible for night credits and points, but will the benefits of your rewards status be honored at check-in? 


We've been members of the program for 32 years and joined before it was even called Marriott rewards (I believe it used to be called marquis membership). In all the years, I think we've only ever booked third party one other time, but this deal was simply too good to pass up.


Also, another quick question. Is the new upgraded premier visa card still eligible for 1-night's credit for every $3,000 in purchases? (that's how we'd end up earning that last night)


Thank you!