No SPG points in your account....not surprising!

Discussion created by pauly222 on Aug 31, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 1, 2018 by pey

I have an SPG amex  and as my statement ended and I didn't see my points show up even thow they are a couple of days late I thought I would email Amex customer service.

Now I have a simple request in a short sentence stating that this is my new 9 digit # and could it be added to my account so I can receive my last statement SPG points...

Easy right...Nope because I get a reply that starts with a copy pasted answer about in august SPG will give us a new 9 digit # and they will do that and send it to us the members without mentioning what and if they are doing with our points?


What is going on with customer service? I pointed out my NEW SPG # and to have it added to my file...They don't read,don't understand or don't care are the only 3 options and worst we the members are in limbo with no points added in our new accounts.

So those waiting for the SPG amex points have you had better luck? Thanks!