What Marriott Brand Now? An Event planned @ GuiYang Sheraton

Discussion created by alexlihk on Aug 31, 2018
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Just want to share a simple story, for my first event planner with Marriott Group, start from a sales manager from GuiYang Sheraton, who wanted to have better performance, prepared a Contract without my member ID for that event.


it should be a very simple case, everything can fix within minutes. However, start from my first day check in @24 May, until today, I become a rogue to cheat the incentive for an event.


As posted before, I held an event from 24-29 May at GuiYang Sheraton. Sales confirmed me that a very good event incentive and I decided Sheraton as my choice. As it is the first time as an event planner, sales forgot (or deliberately conceal?) to leave my membership ID inside the contract. As a result, I can't get anything, and thus i complaint, from the first day of check in, to all parties I can, but nothing help...In fact, it is very simple to investigate whether i was the event planner as I posted everything in my facebook. However, no matter what i did and emailed...(a very long story all cut here), finally, i got result from SPG (17 Jul):

 I was defined not the event planner but a rogue in the trip to cheat for incentive. Sure I will not give up and complain to PPP about the 44 nights event planning, but Marriott Nell Williams (VP of Marriott) Office replied to PPP by misleading as below, totally not related to the event of 44 room nights (27 Aug):


I can do nothing, no matter post anywhere or even here, all parties seems making conclusion that I am a rogue. No contract is nothing true. I can do only consider that take a legal action to clarify what I am is only Marriott promotion to recruit more freelance sales as Marriott event planner, but finally, whole Marriott seems trap members.


Luckily today finally (why finally? it should be DONE at the first day by SPG, by marriott to investigate, not me to clarify for months but no one clearly handle my complain), I got the email from Sheraton GuiYang:


Although they created another Excuse wants to escape out of the incentive (it is kidding, as I confirmed Sheraton since they had promotion for event planner), I can clarify to the Marriott International and SPG and all that I was the Event Planner. I am not rogue.


It is only a mistake created by a small HONEST sales from a hotel, but it showed Marriott international Management is totally out of control and top level management with Marriott and SPG DO not care about members anymore. What the Branding of Marriott will be coming next? Why a simple complaint will kick me, a Platinum Premier Elite Member  into troubles for 3+ months as a rogue? 


In the future, in case we have same situation with a Liar inside Marriott group, how can we make complaint? 


Anyway, it's clear now. Thanks god.


Alex Li