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Using SNA's on web or app - how?

Question asked by stelzer001 on Aug 31, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 31, 2018 by kharada46

Made my choice and got 5 SNA's, and they show in my account on the web page and in the app (Marriott side, combined already with my few Star points). Every link on the web page and app say apply to rez, but there is no link to do so. AM I just to call (the now horrible) Plat service line for my rez next week at the Ren in Chicago? Why is there no ability to do this electronically? Any insight or help would be appreciated.


As an FYI, I made my rez first then got the SNA's posted as the Choice benny. Not sure if that was the wrong order, but if all I can do is call, then as they say in goodfellasing SNA Fuggedabaoutit