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Repeatedly being ignored by Customer Care

Question asked by rachelj on Aug 31, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 31, 2018 by arizonatag

Hello everyone,


Long story short I submitted a complaint in regards to customer service about a recent stay in a Marriott hotel. I did this via the customer service email account. I received a very quick response, asking me to provide a specific document that would provide evidence of my original complaint. I provided this document straight away. I then received another very quick response saying that as it was the hotel itself that was the one at fault for my issue, they were forwarding my message direct to them. I was told that a member of the executive team would contact me within 3-5 workings days. I was also told that if I wasn't contacted within 3-5 working days, to reply back to the original email with customer care, and the gentleman I was talking to would chase it up for me and 'take further action on my behalf'. Low and behold, I didn't hear back within 3-5 working days, so I emailed customer care back to inform them, and to ask them to chase it up for me. No response. I tried opening a new customer care case, with a new case number, asking them to chase the original case up for me, and provided them with the original case number - no reply. I've tried reaching out on Twitter - no reply.


Is there anyone here who can help me? Like, today? Or ASAP? I am so incredibly frustrated of going round and round in circles with this now.


I am incredibly reluctant to call, as one of the issues in my original complaint was how much money I ended up spending on phone calls to both customer care and the hotel to get the original error the hotel made fixed (one of the documents I customer care requested me to send was a copy of my phone bill as evidence of the absolutely ridiculous amount of money I spent trying to get their error fixed). I have no intention of wasting any more money on phone calls, so I would really appreciate if someone here could help. Alternatively, if someone could provide a free number for me to use. I am currently in the UAE. The hotel in question was in the states, but my current location is the UAE.


My case reference number for the original complaint (the one I received response to and was told to reply to after 3-5 working days if I had heard nothing) is: 61259597


Thank you in advance for any help anyone here can give me!