Disappointed in Marriott Call Centers?

Discussion created by nittanysteve on Aug 30, 2018
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I just got off of the phone with customer support.  I've been Platinum Premier Elite with Marriott for the past 2 years (now Lifetime PPE too) and have always called the PPE line.  Lately I noticed I've been rerouted to anyone answering the phone (fine, doesn't bother me as long as I get help or answers I need!).  


So, as I was saying I just got off the phone and the representative had no clue what he was talking about.  I don't care that it was an overseas call center, just train the employees or hire people that know what they're talking about.  After a few minutes of not answering my questions, the subject of status came up and I asked about Ambassador and my dollar spend (because the counter disappeared on the app, anyone else have that too or is it just me?).  He went on to explain that Ambassador doesn't exist and that the levels are PP, P, G, S.  I brought up the merger and the new program, he continued to insist that it doesn't exist. By the end I just said "ok, my mistake" and left it at that.  


So what's going on? I know there are and will be complications with the merger, but the customer service in general has been a steady downhill the last few months.  


(I'm not even talking about the 15-30 minute wait times to get to a rep, a lot of people have questions lately).