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Marriott Changes its Call Center?

Question asked by kharada46 on Aug 30, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 31, 2018 by kharada46

Is it just me, or is Marriott now outsourcing its call center functionality?  Now before this starts going in a direction it shouldn't, I have no problem with foreign workers, but the last couple of calls I made were definitely answered by a foreign call center.  And while they were pleasant and patient, it made trying to do what I needed to do a lot more difficult.  I had a hard time understanding them, and I gather they had a hard time understanding me.  Everything said by either side had to be repeated at least twice.  And, to me?  That's just poor service.  Especially when it's your "valued" Elite members calling in.  


But yeah, is just me due to my time zone?  Or have you guys noticed the difference too?  Really makes me not want to call in again.