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What's the expected reply time from customer care?

Question asked by thefreakquency on Aug 29, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 30, 2018 by kharada46

Looking to get input on when I should be worried that Marriott's customer care has not treated an email I sent... I know they must be busy with issues related to program merge, but...


I was shocked to learn that the SLS Las Vegas is not a Tribute Portfolio Hotel anymore and my trip is in a few days...

We booked the hotel room based on chain membership and now I'm stucked with a week long reservation that will not count toward my status goal... It really s*cks, as Marriott, the SLS and my travel agency wholesaler (still) advertise the hotel chain membership, as you can see on the following screenshots I took this Monday:


 SLS Las Vegas Website:


Tribute Portfolio hotel directory:

WestJet website:


It's really frustrating. Bottom line, I feel I've been lied at.