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Award travel points required pre and post Aug 18th

Question asked by donnysr on Aug 29, 2018
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In July I reserved the Renaissance in Times Square for 5 nights award travel for next year. The cost in points was 180,000 which I had in my account. For some reason the points were not taken from my account.


I also booked another property in Clearwater as part of the same trip. The points for this leg were taken from my account. I now do not have enough to cover the Times Square leg but that's alright as I will probably have earned enough between now and the trip to make the difference.


One thing: I thought that because I had reserved the property before the August 18th changeover that the old points values would hold. However in my account my upcoming reservations shows the Times Square property has increased by 5000 points per night and now the "balance owing" has gone up to 200,000 points. (I know the points for the property were going up by this much after August 18th).


Is this a glitch or did I misinterpret the rules for holding the properties, mistakenly thinking that when I reserved before August 18th that the pre-Aug 18th values would hold whether or not I had the required points in my account before Aug 18th?