Marriott Vacation Club Gold

Discussion created by cmartin332 on Aug 28, 2018
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I am a Marriott Vacation Club member, who was promised Gold status when I switched to points.

I am now a Platinum Elite member now. According to the person I just spoke with, I will be platinum 

Elite until Jan 1, 2019. Then I will return to Gold Elite,  but I will still get my  2 PM late checkout,

potential to upgrade, no free breakfast.

This March I scheduled 13 days in Europe in 2019, under the old program. will they still honor 

my  Elite status, I will lose the lounge access, the free breakfasts. The 13 days were paid with Reward



I have 10 nights credited this year, 164 Lifetime credits, as a retiree I will never spend 50 nights in a 

hotel a year.