Very worried - all points and nights vanished after merger

Discussion created by skdj9647 on Aug 28, 2018
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New user here, this is my first post.

I am so worried.  Prior to the merger, I had close to a million points, right around 100 nights this year and was LT Gold Elite (under legacy requirements of >600 nights and > 1.6 million points). Was on track to potentially reach LTP by end of year.

I was assigned a new number during the merger.

On 8/23/2018, this was the activity under my old number.


Something happened the night of 8/23/2018.  On 8/24/2018, my old number vanished, I had to activate my new number, and this is what I see.  Tonight is the 100th night I am spending at Marriott. And it says 0!


I have turned in Case tickets, been on the phone every single day for the past 10 days, and no resolution.

When I click on the Activity link in my profile (under the new number), all the activity is recorded.  But neither the points not the nights are updated.

Please advise me on what I could possibly do next.


Thank You!