Marriott Points Stays Suddenly "Re-Pointed"

Discussion created by lordoggsbury on Aug 28, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 15, 2018 by lordoggsbury

Just wondering if anyone else is experiencing something similar to what I just noticed in my Merged Account. 


I've had some family travel planned for October 2-16 and booked most of it on points LONG before the 8/18 deadline.  All seemed fine, until I checked my profile today (8/28) and it shows that ALL my long-standing reservations are now showing at the New/Higher level of points (a 40K stay is now 70K) AND it suggests that I've never ordered the Certificates OR that I now have enough points to order the Certificates--since the points are all, seemingly, holding the reservations I made back in June.


I still have the original emails with the Reservation numbers and the original points values...but this is REALLY annoying.  Figure I'll have to check with each property individually, but I have a fear that once the 10-day period before check-in passes without the RE-ordered Certificates that I'll lose them.  ARGH!!!!