Something missing from the search pages...?

Discussion created by drewtipton on Aug 27, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 27, 2018 by arizonatag

Well now...  I've noticed something missing that I used quite often... have y'all noticed the same thing here?


I used to be able to go in and look for relatively close-in hotel rooms (as customers change their minds, or execs come to town, or meetings get rescheduled) near my office, so that I don't have to drive the 2+ hours back home all the time...


used to be able to go in and only show the hotels with availability on certain nights, and it was easy -- there was a drop down at the very top of the page that said "Show: ALL hotels" that could be changed to "Show: Available hotels"... that has now been changed to a banner on the hotels that aren't available that says "dates flexible? check availability"... no, my date isn't flexible... I want to just show the hotels that are available on that particular night...  and I've looked through all the drop-down dialog boxes, and it's not there... 


Please, please, please bring this back!