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Need to escalate a customer relations issue to someone who will respond.

Question asked by gdlmarriot on Aug 27, 2018
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I am am trying to find out how to actually get someone at Marriott to care about how a longtime customer is being treated.  I booked rooms for myself and a coworker for three nights.  After two nights we had to check out, which is usually never an issue.  He went down to the front counter at 7:30 am and dropped off his keys and told them we needed to check out.  The person at the desk acknowledged and said the receipt would be emailed.  At around 4:30 I realized that we never received a receipt.  I called and spoke with someone who told me that it was after 4 and there was nothing that they could do and we would be billed for the rooms.  I spoke with a lady on the Insider phone who seemed understanding and helpful, unfortunately the hold time was too long and my phone died when she was trying to contact the hotel on my behalf.  I then tried the customer care system and received an email response that they had contacted hotel mgmt and I should hear something within 5 business days.  It has now been 8 business days and my followup has gone unanswered.