Be careful when clicking on blue Link "Order your e-certificates"in your rewards reservation!

Discussion created by nanaglo45 on Aug 27, 2018
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At the end of July before the August 18th conversion began, I had finally acquired enough points for upcoming visit in September to Dublin's Shelbourne Renaissance (for 5 nights, 1 night "free"). I clicked on the link to order e-certificate and the rewards reservation changed (BOOM!) to ALL CASH price of €2200+. I was flabbergasted and in phoning customer service and the hotel was told there were no rewards bookings available!  Eventually 3 days later ( after much anguish), by changing my arrival date by one day I managed to re-book a rewards reservation. Even though there are potentially long waits in calling customer service, I highly recommend it as the SAFE way to get your e-certificate attached to reservation. If I had tried ordering the e-certificate via the blue Link AFTER the conversion I would've been stuck with the new cost of 240,000 points versus the 180,000.