Escalate a complaint that has been disregarded

Discussion created by bunnymilkyd on Aug 26, 2018
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My family stayed at the Spring Hills Suite in Virginia Beach at the beginning of this past August ...I had so so many odd things happen and was done with the place...I have been another hotel chain platinum member for years and they recently changed and I didnt like it so I decided to give another hotel a chance.    I have maybe only once or twice stayed at a Marriott chain.    I dont want to go into detail about how bad and odd it was until i talk to someone directly....and Yes I sent a complaint in I complained to the front desk, the head of housekeeping and then had an automated response from the manager of the hotel after i sent him a huge huge letter ....please help me out  everyone keeps brushing it aside...the more i thought about it i realized it made our stay not a nice one...even though i complained it was not resolved....i have pictures of our room that were taken ...I truly wanted to become a marriott traveler since the suites fit my family better but after being another brand hotel stayer and how they take care of issues immediately ..we are not happy.especially since nothing was even addressed....thank you