Has Anyone Become Hooked on Toiletry Brands as a Result of Using the Ones Provided in the Hotel Room?

Discussion created by pluto77 on Aug 25, 2018
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Was reading the thread Courtyard Shower Dispenser and other hotel toiletry related discussions and got to thinking about this... I have used a number of toiletry brand products that are placed in my various Marriott brand hotel rooms, ie Thann, Aromatherapy, Tokyo Milk, Paul Mitchell and others, including recently Bath and Body Works and L’Occitaine.  I’m sure there is a marketing angle to these placements... Marriott even sells their Thann products.  I do like a number of products that I’ve tried/used compliments of hotel stays.  I’ve often seen the L’Occitane stores in larger international airports, but never gone in, thinking, “Oh, just another overpriced French specialty personal care products store... and there are so many out there...” Then on my most recent stay at the Marriott Rive Gauche, I noticed that my bathrooms were stocked with the L'Occitane products.  I was excited because it gave me an opportunity to try an expensive product that I otherwise would’ve never bought or tried.  Well, I fell in love with the product!  I started keeping an eye out for these specialty stores, finally found one that was convenient to my travels and stopped in and bought a bottle of shampoo.  I love it.  Now I’ve been back a second time, leaving behind about $90 (Happy birthday to me.)  Shampoo, conditioner, body wash.  Great stuff.  I was wondering, has anyone else (or their spouse/so) become hooked on bath/beauty products as a result of trying the ones provided in the hotel rooms, or prefers hotel brands in part because you love the toiletry products provided?  Just pondering on a leisurely day if this is a cost effective marketing strategy.