Bed Bug bites at Fairfield Sandusky and GM unwilling to take any action?

Discussion created by aceacharya on Aug 25, 2018
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Dear Marriott Customer Relations team,


I am a Marriott Platinum member and stayed at the Fairfiled Inn Sandusky from Aug 20-23rd. On the nights of Aug 20th and Aug 21st, I received 15 insect bites on my right arm with unbearable itching and the skin irritation. On checking the bedsheets, I found a BED-BUG and multiple traces of insect excrement.This bug was verified by the person at the front desk, Alyssa Hunter, who was helpful and immediately found me another room. You can find pictures of the bug found in the room and my injuries in the attachments. (Warning: Pictures of injuries might be graphic to sensitive viewers)


I requested the GM of the property, Connie, to have a pest control team check the room. However, she flat out refused to take any action as her housekeeping staff had not found any bed-bugs in the room and offered me 10,000 points as compensation for my trouble. The hotel obviously has misaligned incentives to report any findings themselved and therefore an external pest-control professional needs to be involved.


This is a shame for Marriott that a hotel using their brand is first unable to maintain basic hygiene standards and second refuses to take any action when guests suffer injuries. I intended to stay at the hotel for 4 more weeks and would appreciate is Marriott can take steps to ensure my safety at the hotel and my continued loyalty.