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SPG/Marriott Rewards nights disappeared.

Question asked by beaug on Aug 24, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 18, 2018 by offhegoes

Hi there, hoping someone in the community or Marriott Rewards can provide some direction.


In the legacy Marriott Rewards program, I was a platinum member.


Equally, by way of the reciprocal status match, I was a platinum SPG member.


So far in this membership year I had made one stay of 2 nights at a Starwood property (a Westin) (and 43 in Marriott properties).


Prior to combining programs, I noticed that the Starwood stay (nights and points) had disappeared from my SPG profile.


My new status with Marriott Rewards is visible, and I have completed the combine program process.


I called Marriott Rewards for assistance; the person whom I spoke with was unable to help. He suggested I had multiple SPG profiles, which I do not (I confirmed the SPG number on my old profile, and the hotel folio to be correct). Additionally, I have a multi-night and multi-room stay booked at a Sheraton property next week, which is also not visible in my new combined portal. The Marriott Rewards person could also not see this.


The Marriott Rewards person whom I spoke with said that he had to transfer me to Starwood for assistance (so far, I have been waiting on hold for around 1.5 hours to speak to someone at Starwood).


I am concerned that the historical stay (including nights and points) from Starwood has been lost- based on the information provided by the Marriott Rewards person I spoke with, this is a reasonable conclusion.


Can anyone point me towards someone who should be able to assist to have this resolved appropriately?


Thanks in advance for any advice.