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Lifetime Status Years: confirmed issue?

Question asked by abtravels on Aug 24, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 22, 2018 by hjelmn

Without getting into how lifetime status years are calculated, has anyone actually got confirmation that there is in fact an issue with the number of status years we're seeing (at least in some cases)?


Some folks suggest their numbers seem fine, or pretty close to what they expect, others (like myself) seem to have issues, or suspect they have issues.  I know there is confirmation (on that based on what has already been calculated that lifetime status isn't necessarily properly reflected, and for some (LTPPs) it may not be until Jan 2019.  Can't seem to find anything "official" that calls out the actual number of years as an issue. 


The reason I ask is, I've tried to find this information out half a dozen different times, and I'm wondering if my inability to get a straight answer (or any answer) may mean something.  By this I mean, I've phoned twice and been conspicuously disconnected while being "transferred", I'm 72+ hours without a response on my inquiry via the website, and DMs on Twitter to both the Marriott and Marriott Rewards accounts are either unanswered, or are responded to with an unhelpful canned response.


I know they're probably still swamped - I've been involved in large scale go-lives of new and upgraded things, so I get it, this isn't a top priority.  I'm not asking for them to immediately fix my account, I just want to know if its a broader issue.  If it is, cool - it'll get dealt with in due time.  If it isn't, I'll let the dust settle and then circle back later.