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The Bonvoy Platinum Breakfast Benefit

Question asked by brightlybob on Aug 24, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 4, 2019 by jurgenlison

SHORT VERSION - FREE Breakfast for Plats and higher across all brands except:

NO FREE BREKKY at Ritz Carlton, Design Hotels, Edition, Gaylord, Marriott Executive Apartments, Grand Residences & Execustay plus Marriott/Sheraton/Vistana/Westin Vacation Clubs

and 2 special Autograph exemptions - Atlantis Bahamas and Cosmopolitan Las Vegas


Longer version, well the new Bonvoy scheme is now fully revealed and we know it’s anything but simple with Marriott struggling in its negotiations with franchisees to bring about consistency in elite treatment between the myriad of brands, with the breakfast benefit proving particularly torturous as although it’s now more widely available than ever before there are still both brand and property-specific carve-outs and even where provided the methodology of providing the free breakfast is like a maze. But here I hope to guide you through it all so you know what to expect when you stay.  


The complex patchwork of free breakfast provision is a long distance from Marriotts wide ranging announcement in Spring 2018 that all Platinum elites and higher would receive free breakfast across almost all it’s hotels and it turns out how this is provided varies, some brands it’s because it’s included in the rate, others it’s straight breakfast in the lounge. Others it’s a welcome option. Other brands it’s an F&B credit. And the rule is not steady across many brands with some brands having lounges and resorts of certain brands differing their approach against the rest of the brand.


So, what goes where? And where can’t Platinums, Titanium’s and Ambassadors breakfast for free?



At first I was going to provide a list, then realised I wasn’t actually that sure myself, so instead I posted this hoping we could all work together to provide a clear summary of breakfast across the brands, and so it’s turned out.


Acknowledgments to erc for his reply adding in the no weekend breakfast properties, ks83 for reminding me that I’d missed out Gaylord entirely and chrissss0r for the bright idea that if you’re not bothered about how Plats end up with free breakfast then the list you really want is the ones that dont do free breakfast at all. Although they appear on the list at point 8, I will highlight these prodigal brands here as well:



Ritz Carlton, Design Hotels, Edition, Gaylord, Marriott Executive Apartments, Grand Residences & Execustay plus Marriott/Sheraton/Vistana/Westin Vacation Clubs and 2 specifics - Atlantis Bahamas and Cosmo Vegas


So the Platinum Free Breakfast is best summarised as follows:


1. Brands offering free breakfast in the rate to all guests

Element, Fairfield Inn, Residence Inn, Springhill Suites & TownePlace Suites


2 - Brands with Lounges (hence breakfast is part of lounge access)

JW Marriott, Marriott, Renaissance, Autograph, Delta, Le Meridien, Sheraton, Westin & Courtyard

NB - Not all hotels in these brands have lounges, most Courtyards don’t have lounges but some in Asia do

A handful these brands don’t offer weekend Plat breakfast, see erc’s list below


3. Brands where lounge closed/no lounge, breakfast is free in restaurant

JW Marriott, Marriott, Renaissance, Autograph & Delta (plus those few Courtyards where there is a lounge & it’s closed)


4. Brands where lounge closed/no lounge restaurant breakfast is a welcome amenity choice

Le Meridien, Sheraton & Westin


5. Brands where breakfast is a $10pp daily F&B welcome amenity choice

Moxy, AC & Courtyards without lounges (that’s almost all CYs worldwide!)


6.  Brands where restaurant breakfast is a welcome amenity choice

St Regis, W, Luxury Collection, Tribute, Aloft, Four Points & Protea


7. ***Resort Brands*** with no Plat lounge access, restaurant breakfast is a welcome amenity choice

****Resorts**** JW Marriott, Marriott, Renaissance and Autograph ****Resorts****


8. Brands without any free breakfast for anyone, not ever!

Ritz, Design, Edition, Gaylord, Grand Residences, Executive Apartments, Execustay, all the different Vacation Clubs plus 2 special exemptions, the Atlantis Bahamas and the Cosmopolitan Las Vegas