Electronic Mobile Key Card Function with the App

Discussion created by arizonatag on Aug 24, 2018
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The Benefits section of Marriott says: "Use our apps to check in and out, or use your phone as your room key."

When I had the SPG App loaded, I had the roomkey connection on the app and it worked; the Marriott App never had a Mobile Key Card function that I'm aware of. When I combined, I chose to Combine from the Marriott vice SPG website. So my question are:


Has anyone (like perhaps verysuiteboy) combined from the SPG site and did combining by any chance give you a Mobile Key Card connection on your App?


Does anyone have Mobile Key Card access on their Android or iPhone App?


Is anyone currently staying in a formerly SPG property and using their App as their Key Card?


I haven't seen any updates on that yet and it's been post 72 hours from Merger and Account Combining. Thoughts?