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What would be the best avenue for lodging a Customer Care complaint?

Question asked by kevans on Aug 23, 2018
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And for getting to the right place for assistance?  After being on hold for over an hour, including transfers, a hang up, and more transfers, I was again hung up on by a gentleman who was purportedly the Call Center Manager while I was in the middle of a sentence.  Obviously, things are beyond busy with the merger, and it's to be expected that customer care representatives are frazzled, but that doesn't seem a good excuse for rude behavior on the part of call center management.  The initial representative was lovely and stayed on the line, taking it upon herself to transfer my call to a supervisor for better assistance and it was the supervisor whose customer service demeanor was questionable.  Marriott is a great company with beautiful properties, but poor service can damage the loyalty of hotel guests and reward program members. 


I would like to find a friendly customer care representative who can help me with my initial reason for calling - to book a Rewards stay (the website said I needed to phone in order to book) and to obtain help on combining my Marriott and SPG accounts, as both websites are currently saying they are unable to process the combining account function as of now.


Thank you very much in advance - any ideas/helpful tips would be greatly appreciated.