How can there be so many problems?

Discussion created by oldbarn98 on Aug 22, 2018
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I'm sure that I'm not the only one involved in software development on this forum, but I'm stunned that Marriott has so many problems.  Sure, there are a lot of individuals that must be merged, but financial institutions buy and merge all the time and I've never heard of the problems I've seen...and from I can tell, I've been fairly unaffected.  Did they not test?  I know, my company would be really upset if this was the state after a merger.


For example:


Today, I logged on and was given a cryptic message that the logon couldn't be parsed.  I checked the Marriott status site and it said everything was up.  I called, waited on hold for 21 minutes just to be told that it was a widespread problem.


I booked the Cosmo in Vegas for a few nights and the reservation got totally messed up.  I spent another hour and three calls getting it sorted.  Finally I got to Tier two support and the problem was addressed.


I still haven't seen any points posted for recent stays.


Finally, I see points come and go.  In fact, I've seen the merged SPG points on and off three times.  I've been Platinum, Platinum Premier, and Platinum Premier plus Ambassador since the merger began.  For the record, I'm Lifetime Platinum Premier Elite (I think).


Look, this is a first world problem but Marriott should be embarrassed for the effort to-date.  Plus, they are losing business.  I haven't always been able to book a room and even Amex has had trouble with booking properities.  I picked a lousy time to book all my fall trips.  I've stopped by the way.


I know...maybe they can comp us with some additional points for our trouble...or at a minimum, make the next promotion a killer.