Captains Log: Merger Day 6 - Issues Persist

Discussion created by trippinbillies40 on Aug 23, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 24, 2018 by brightlybob

Overall, I'm pretty impressed that things have gone this smoothly.  I'm also starting to wonder how long it will take to get everything cleared up. As in, to the point where a new person could register and never know there were ever any issues.


Anyways, here's where I stand as of Day 6, both good and bad:


  • I was able to merge my accounts smoothly on the 20th. I'm now unable to log into my SPG account, which was expected.
  • Status showed Ambassador for the first couple days, cleared up correctly to Platinum Premier right before I merged, and has gone back to Ambassador after I merged and has been there ever since. The website shows Ambassador and my progress bars are maxed out, and the app shows Ambassador status but only $16k ish in spend.
  • My Free Night certificate I earned a few months ago through a promo transferred over correctly. Haven't tried to use it yet...
  • All nights and points combined correctly.  
  • Lifetime status shows 5 years of status of at least Silver, and I've been on the program since March 2016, so I'm thinking at least one status matched year for SPG is in there and may back out.  I don't know how many nights you needed for SPG Silver, but I'm sure I hit it last year, don't think I did this year unless it's 10. In which case, that might actually be correct if they choose to allow double-dipping like that. No lifetime status on the website still.
  • Still unable to choose Choice Benefits, no eta listed on when that will go live.
  • SPG Amex points from an 8/15 statement close have yet to post.
  • Points/nights from my 8/19-8/20 stay haven't posted, but they'd usually post by third day afternoon, so still in the window of possibility for them to hit today, but I'm not holding my breath.
  • Intermittent issues accessing the website, app, and sometimes just certain pages of the website. For example, i can't get to the Activity page right now to see if my full history is on there.  Sorry, no updates for y'all in that regard.  


So, given the fact that I don't have any pressing need to use any of the combined benefits, I'm not stressing right now. I have a log of what i'm owed that I don't currently have, and outside of that, meh... Totally understandable for those that were deeper into the programs and are now experiencing lifetime status or certificate issues.  For me, I'm just anxious to see when this all gets cleared up. I'm expecting it to take 90 days at least if I'm honest.