Combining still messed up

Discussion created by vantzy on Aug 22, 2018
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I guess the good news is every day I get a different error message.  First no more SPG account.  Found that finally and cannot merge because names are different.  No true but I got past that today built up the courage to hit the combine button and WHAM today a message that MERGE FAILED...But I got a thank you message for combining my accounts and that all points and nights are combined now. NOT...  SPG points and are not there again not combined as noted that I can see anywhere so I will try again in 3 days... 45 minutes for someone to answer the phone so I am giving up for a few days I think.

Just posting my experience because I felt better knowing it was not just happening to me.  Misery loves company.


Congratulations on combining your accounts!

Your nights and points are already combined. We are transferring the rest of your activity now – this may take up to 72 hours. Please check back soon.