The New Breakfast Amenity

Discussion created by natural_log on Aug 21, 2018
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Because I am well aware what most of you all really care about – FREE FOOD – here is my experience with the new breakfast policy.  Short answer – really nice.


Longer answer:  I am on vacation with my family using points.  We stayed at the Sanibel Resort for two days and are now at Marco Island.  Since both of these are resorts, there would have been no breakfast amenity offered under the old system.  We checked in at Sanibel on Merge Day (no issues at all) and were offered the breakfast option without having to ask.  There are four of us but the breakfast is only for two people.  The other option was the 1000 points.  I chose the breakfast and they gave me four coupons with an expiration of our checkout day.  Thus I was able to use all for the first day and have a family breakfast with all four coupons and nothing the second day.  The breakfast itself was a continental buffet which was very good.  Upcharge for eggs and bacon which really wasn’t needed.


Marco was a bit different.  Six day stay so breakfast for two each day or 1000 points.  Took the breakfast again.  This time, however, it was not coupons but electronically tracked (perhaps a JW doesn’t like coupons).  The front desk didn’t know if we could mix and match like we did at Sanibel.  We went to ask at the restaurant in the morning and (after a bit) got hold of the restaurant manager who said she could make it work  - four people for three days instead of two people for six.  Same breakfast type of a big continental buffet with upcharge option.  The billing seemed a bit strange and we haven’t checked out yet so I don’t know how all this work itself out but so far so good.


Hope this helps you all and gives some hint on how things are shaking out.  Also, if you have any questions about the current state of the two resorts (the big renovation, red tide, etc) feel free to ask.