Do point transfers count toward Lifetime Status

Discussion created by coupons on Aug 21, 2018

OMG-Do not know where to begin with this.  As I have stated in earlier posts 47,000 points were transferred to my account from my hubby's but have yet to show in Lifetime. 

Today's 2 hour conversation, with a supervisor, was a real pip

I was not only told that they wouldn't be counted, but that the original 3,000 transferred in June would be removed when Marriott does an audit. This conclusion came after the supervisor I spoke with spoke to another supervisor


I was literally speechless and then proceeded to go through the 3,000 pts and my screen shots and that they counted toward LT .So the supervisor spoke with  another supervisor and came back on and apologized and that she was given the wrong information


Marriott is aware of pts issues and are working on fixing the problem


Just Saying