Loyalty Status Perks - fading and degrading under new combined company

Discussion created by puneetkb on Aug 21, 2018
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Marriott has lost a lot of luster after the merger with Starwood. Earlier it had a feel where they cared about their guests but I guess with the junior Marriott taking over and a focus primarily on dollars the culture has shifted to becoming much more transactional and arrogance that “we are big” has set in. 


Case in point - I am a SPG lifetime gold and combined between SPG and Marriott rewards have 1300+ nights and 15 years platinum status. However, every time I checkin on a paid reservation most times my preferences are not cared about, I’m rarely given an upgrade or even a basic room on the concierge level or a high floor... like this most recent one night stay in Dallas at the Marriott near the airport. 


I've heard similar experiences on the forum here. Given that... have you guys (I mean those like me that spend over 200 nights a year in a hotel) thought about exploring Hilton Honors or IHG?


Would love to hear what folks are saying. 


Let the discussion begin. 



And yes, when redeeming those hard earned points very rarely do u get even a decent room... instead you get treated as if the hotel is doing you a favor by giving u a room on points... really!!