What happened to the 'excellent value' Travel Packages

Discussion created by ilovemymarriotts on Aug 22, 2018
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PLEASE READ THIS I sent this to THE POINTS GUY....Can you get another interview with David Flueck? I would love for you to ask him how do they justify miles from a travel package going up 2.3 rewards or maybe the lowest at 1.8 rewards per mile. But it used be 1 for 1! The joke is that they say for an excellent value use your rewards for a travel package. Word for word it says on the website..."Take advantage of an excellent holiday value (yeah right!). Redeem your points for a week of hotel accommodations with airline miles included. Refer to the tables below for point requirements"  ....what does Holiday value mean by the way? Does that mean for Europeans where they call vacations going on Holiday? Anyway, you had your own post here on the Points Guy and you called the travel packages "terrible" - did DF see that? Why would they make them "terrible"? I wonder if they even know the impact of this? I can only think they were hoping most rewards members didn't even know a travel package existed! And if they changed them probably no big deal. Well it is a big deal! A really big deal, and he needs to know this! Ask DF if he can show you why the new travel packages are called an excellent HOLIDAY value! (and don't forget that word ‘holiday’) 
Thanks for listening.