Status under new loyalty program not calculating correctly?

Discussion created by bayareawolf on Aug 22, 2018
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I am looking at options to make the LTG in the legacy program OR LTP in the new loyalty program.   My screenshot below shows that I should be LTG in the new loyalty program (400/7).  I had lifetime Silver Elite in the old program.  In anyone else not having their new status determined properly?  I sent in an email and have tried calling twice (on hold for 30+ minute and had to bail).  By the new loyalty program standards, I should be LTG and when I hit 600 nights and reach one more year as Gold Elite or higher in  few months, I should hit the LTP level I am striving for.  As I mentioned previously, no way I can get to LTPP.  Is anyone else having this issue where the lifetime status is not calculating correctly?  Any response from customer service?



Screen Shot of Loyalty Program Stats