Marriott Reward points redemption stakes

Discussion created by vishaldewan on Aug 21, 2018
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I have been a member of marriott since 2014 and have been coninously attaining the platinum level from past 6 years. However, In my past experience i have observed that each time marriott bring up some changes like the latest one i.e. merger change then indeed it provide us glorious new updates but on contrary if you have noticed that it hikes up the reward redemption points for each of its property. My recent observation has been for a property which had 40000 points per night stay on one day and next day when the app got upgraded post merger changes then the same property rate was displayed as 50000 per night for the same dates and the category of the hotel was same (unaffected) that i searched one day before. 


Kindly provide your opinions whether marriott is right on this part or it should atleast take some time to update/hike the rewards point on the properties. Mods kindly provide your thoughts as well