Platinum Premier Elite with Ambassador

Discussion created by williamstanek on Aug 20, 2018
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Really excited to see how Ambassador works in the new program. Creating this discussion so fellow Premier Elite w Ambassador can talk about it.


The two key Ambassador features I look forward to are:


Ambassador Service


Being able to choose the 24-hour room window is interesting. I wonder how it will compare to combining early check-in/late check-out. Anyone using it please post here about your experiences. Marriott says we can choose any 24-hour window, even Midnight to Midnight. I plan to try it out soon for a metro stay.


Ambassador service sounds interesting, similar perhaps to the excellent concierge services of Ritz Carlton. In the past, Ritz Carlton concierge has never disappointed. They came through every time and really took the time to understand you.


I'm also interested in seeing if there are any added benefits for Suite Nights... Being a Platinum Elite under the old program and a PPEwA under the new program, it seems there are several Suite Night upgrades due? 


As Marriott lists:


Annual Choice Benefit (5 Suite Night AwardsTM or Gift Option)
*Awarded with 50 qualifying nights


Additional Choice Benefit (5 Suite Night AwardsTM or Gift Option)
*Awarded with 75 qualifying nights


As benefits of PPE




I'm also interested to know what percentage of Marriott Elites are PE, PPE, PPEwA. In my extended family, we are all Marriott fan(actics), so quite a few PPEwA, PPE and PE, not to mention a considerable number of GE and SE. Are there a lot of other Marriott families out there?