Is this community leaderboard adding anything?

Discussion created by pey on Aug 20, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 20, 2018 by pey

Probably as part of this transition, or at least coincident to it a new community leaderboard feature was added. My first thought was it was better than the old one which was highly manipulated and rarely utilized, I am now giving it an F-. For the years that i have been on here I really have not paid much attention, but for the past week I have. I am now going back to ignoring it, Here are two observations of why. 


  • Somehow today I passed painedplatinum in lifetime contribution. I think not. In fact that is quite ridiculous. Pained has been on here for years and is one of the core of the core of steady contributors. I probably contributed more stuff in the past two weeks than him but how does that equate to all time achievement.
  • phctourist is a long and well respected contributor to this forum, just today apparently one contributor has contributed as much in one day as phc has in his total time here. Again I think not.


Nice try communitymanagers but this one is a failing grade. How about just taking it down.