Reaching Lifetime Status via Legacy Requirements

Discussion created by bejacob on Aug 20, 2018
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There have been lots of questions surrounding folks trying to reach lifetime status under the legacy requirements. Rather than answering the questions over and over again, here's one place to share information.


The "Race" to LTPP thread has gotten a bit unwieldy, so I decided not to tack this conversation onto that old one despite much of the information being related. For those still wanting to share their progress to LT status, feel free to continue to post your updates there.


First let's be certain we're all on the same page. Marriott has said this on 


Since I'm most familiar with the Marriott Rewards side, I'll focus on that. I encourage others to chime in on the SPG side.

Let's look at the criteria for the old LTG and old LTP (which correlate to LTP and LTPP in the new program) since that is what is of interest to the majority of Insiders. 

Here's what you need to get those LT statuses

  • Gold -- 500 lifetime nights and 1,600,000 lifetime points
  • Platinum -- 750 lifetime nights and 2,000,000 lifetime points


In the combined program, finding the number of lifetime nights is still possible. At of 8/20/18, Marriott has removed all information from both the app and the website about lifetime points. Hopefully this info will come back, but if not, that's an issue those working towards these LT statuses will need to address.


Another thing to keep in mind is which points count toward LT totals. Some folks have had trouble getting credit on the LT side for points transferred from another user. This is a good discussion on which to share your experience. What counts, what doesn't? 


Lastly, how are folks who are trying to achieve LT status handling the combination of MR and SPG accounts? Are you combining early or waiting? What can you share with others who are trying to decide when to combine their accounts?


Let's go with that. There may be other questions or concerns, so please comment as needed. Ask, answer, or offer advice. The goal is to help as many Insiders reach LT status via legacy criteria as possible.