Back to square 1 for lifetime status

Discussion created by pieter-jan on Aug 20, 2018
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Dear Insiders,


I am fairly new to the forum and have been reading a lot on here about the exciting program changes, but haven't posted yet. So nice to meet you all!


I have been a MR member for quite a while, but only for personal travel. I recently started to travel for business as well and started gaining a lot more nights now. In the pre-merger program I made it to a total of +- 300 nights and 1.4M points. So I managed to get Lifetime Silver and was over halfway in terms of nights and almost there in terms of points to make it to Lifetime Gold, which is now Lifetime Platinum in the new program. 


Apart from 50 recent business nights, all my other 250 accumulated nights were personal travel. Also, where I live there are no MR credit cards. I've always stayed in more expensive properties, which explains the high points balance. So I never managed to get a high amount of nights per year. From time to time I've been at Gold level thanks to a promotion or status challenge. The MR call center confirmed me that I had around 4 years in Gold in total, which would count as Platinum years in the new program. So I wasn't worried about the new program changes. 


When I checked my account today, I noticed I only have 1 year in Gold or higher (which refers to this year where I made it to Platinum). Having checked  the T&C's it turns out that only the years, where you actually made the 50 nights, count as Lifetime years. This means I've gone from relatively close to Lifetime Platinum in the new program to 6 years away from Lifetime Gold...


I'm really disappointed by this. Especially the lifetime goals made me loyal to Marriott and since I started travelling for business recently I was confident to reach it fairly soon. Having to wait another 6 years to make it to Lifetime Gold and 9 years to Lifetime Platinum in the best case scenario, doesn't sound really motivating :-( 


I was wondering if there are any of you in a similar situation and if you would have any advice for me. I was reading about booking cheap meeting rooms that give you 10 nights per meeting, but I don't even know if that's still possible after the merged programs... 


Thanks in advance for your help!