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Former Marriott Platinum not converted to Plat Premier?

Question asked by minnetraveler on Aug 20, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 2, 2018 by datwaymon

Both my wife and I were Marriott Platinum moving up to the merger, now that it's complete, both of our apps say we are just regular platinum, not P.Premier. Why is that? 


It's especially odd because my wife has 38 nights this year already, and the little ticker says, "50 nights total to renew platinum" but her half circle status bar is only half colored (aka it's showing 38 / 50 = ~50% complete, which more closely aligns with the Premier nightly stay number...). 


Side note: My wife did a status challenge in January/February this year to go from Gold to Platinum. For me personally, I got off the road early 2017, and at the end of last year Marriott mailed me a letter saying I they would extend my platinum benefits for another year to win me back. 


What I don't understand is that marriott platinum corresponds to platinum premier on nights (70+ nights), so why weren't we converted? Did I miss something in this merger??