No Lifetime Status Showing (SPGer) / No way to combine accounts

Discussion created by frensg on Aug 19, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 21, 2018 by snail5930

I have been able to log into both to my former SPG Lifetime Platinum Account, and my Marriott account.  Both show Platinum Status but neither show Lifetime Platinum Status   I can see my new Marriott account number on the SPG account (which is different than my Marriott side account number).  


The SPG points seem to have converted okay at the 3 to 1 ratio.   My 757 nights have changed to 770 (better extra than less I guess.  It include the 13 nights I stayed this year - which was already included in the 757).  My member since date of 1999 has changed to 2005 (which matches my 14 years of Platinum Status with SPG, but is misleading as to when I actually joined).


Nothing changed on my Marriott account, both the points and nights are correct, and my SPG Platinum Status stayed on the Marriott side.


I didn't expect to see my Lifetime Platinum Premier Elite Status to show until I combined my accounts.  However, after searching both websites there is no place, that I can find, to combine my two accounts.


Is anyone else seeing or experiencing similar issues?