The future of 2018 Legacy Travel Packages

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I’ve already posted this graphic a couple of times but then decided now that we know about the new Travel Package conversion numbers it would probably be more informative to have this info at the very top of a thread rather than somewhere in the middle of earlier speculative ones.


So, Marriott has confirmed that your floating Travel Package certificate will be converted as follows:



(EDIT - See updating edit concerning a part refund option for Cat 6, 8 and Tier 1-3 certificates)


For those hoping for refunds (me) or mapping category to category (me, again) and definitely not wanting a points-for-points match (yup, that’s me, too) this isn’t good news, indeed holders of category 6 (you know that’s me, right?) and 8 certificates paid 30,000 extra points over category 5 and 7 respectively and have received absolutely NOTHING (that’s nil, nowt, nada) extra for their expense. Likewise Tier 4/5 holders, extra 60,000 points paid for no return, other than being able to go up to 70,000 points once category 8 puts a load of options out of their reach. Attractive - not!


The advice was to attach. I hope you all did, but know many didn’t!


EDIT: 21/08/18, midnight CET

Marriott has just confirmed that:


1. The moratorium on old TPs that was meant to last until 18 September ends today. With immediate effect they can be unattached from current reservations or attached to new ones.

2. Holders of Cat 6, 8 or Tier 1-3 certificates may request them downgraded by the equivalent of one old category and upon so doing will receive a 30,000 point rebate. This takes the sting out if the tail for almost all mismatched TPs, though Tier 4/5 holders may still feel somewhat legged over.


See the full announcement here Travel Packages Update