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Invoices for stay and Billing Contact

Question asked by amishks on Aug 16, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 10, 2019 by globaltreker

I have had the worst experience ever so far with Marriott. I stayed at a JW Marriott in Mexico City for a couple of nights. I was checking out early so didn't wait to pick up my invoice, as I assumed I would be able to download a copy from Marriott Rewards. BIG MISTAKE!!!

Not only can I not download a copy, but even requesting a copy to be emailed to me feels like I am asking for the keys to Fort Knox. Here is the sequence of events:

1. I call up Customer Service, and since this is a Billing question, you are put on the bottom of the queue (as with everyone else, quick to take your money as I can connect to Reservations in 10 seconds, but lousy at Billing), so after 20-25 minutes I get this person on the line who say that since we are talking about Mexico City, and its international, it will take 5 business days to get the invoice emailed. FIVE BUSINESS DAYS, they could have mailed it to me and USPS would have delivered it faster.

2. I call up the hotel JW Marriott 2 times, go through the routine questions, and they say yep emailing it to you now. No email.

3. I call up the Customer Service again, again waiting for the same 12 minutes to have the privilege to talk to someone in Billing. Again the same response but a little more courteous to say I got in touch with the hotel, and they will email the invoice. And the rep says, call back again, if you don't get the invoice in a few minutes.


Still haven't received it!!


2 points:

1. Customer Service post sale Billing needs to improve, 

2. Relying on Marriott to provide invoices electronically is just not happening.


Overall very disappointing experience!