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Should Insiders try to correct false information posted on the site?

Question asked by bejacob on Aug 14, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 17, 2018 by globaltreker

From time to time, incorrect information gets posted by Insiders. Sometimes it is reported by mistake or because of a misunderstanding. Other times it is opinion presented as fact. Then there are those items that seem to be a mixture of both.


It's one thing when someone asks a question and gets incorrect information because the person responding honestly didn't know the answer, but was trying to help. Usually in such cases another Insider will chime in with the correct info. It's a very different issue when someone posts a demonstratively false claim as the truth. 


It's unlikely that any one Insider knows all the answers, yet as a group, we seem to have a pretty good understanding of almost all things related to Marriott Rewards. 


So, what role should we, the community, take when false/incorrect information is posted?