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Would YOU go for it?

Question asked by 702rugbyref on Aug 13, 2018
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I hit LTG on Saturday - 1.601m pts and 693 nights in 3.5 years. Knowing I will have to wait basically 6 years to POSSIBLY get LTPP, would you make the effort to obtain 400k points in basically 4.5 months? If so, what would your strategy(ies) be?


I have 20 current stays booked and about 40 nights in total before the end of 2018. I still have the MR Business Card (received my 15 nights in July), the personal MR Card (anniversary in early December so +15 nights) and the SPG AM EX...if that helps. I will only be transferring about a dozen nights and 20k pts from SPG so minimal help there.





I obviously average more than 100 nights a year and suspect that to continue for next 3-5 years.