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Escalate theft to Corporate - Case #30405135

Question asked by anonymous1911 on Aug 13, 2018

I opened case #30405135 on 6/21/18 regarding the theft of the entire contents of my suite that I left in the care of hotel management at the end of my stay. Details were included in the case and I submitted a Customer Support form on 8/13/18 under the Get Help section. As a long time Marriott member, I have been very patient and have not received any response. I would like to escalate my case due to the significant amount of value lost to me due to the theft. I am reaching out to Marriott first before filing a police report because Marriott should be aware of theft issues at this hotel and it affects other Marriott customers. I respectfully request that I no longer be asked to correspond with that hotel and that all further communications go through customer service or legal. I'd be more than happy to resolve by recuperating my lost items or be appropriately compensated to replace all lost items.