Upgrade "Desirability" Ranking in App?

Discussion created by scxenon on Aug 12, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 15, 2018 by brightlybob

I have a suggestion about "upgrades" and building customer good will.

I think Marriott should add a "upgrade desired ranking" to the Marriott app and to the online check-in service (and perhaps to reservations).

Recently, I got "upgraded" one night at a Marriott property, but that was for a "one night near the airport for a early flight out" stay, in which I was at the hotel for maybe 6 hours total. The upgrade DIDN'T really build customer good will with me, because it was for a stay that didn't really help me by having an upgrade.

Another recent stay, I got upgraded for several nights on a week long stay. That upgrade added a little goodwill, because it was somewhat nice to have larger room. BUT, it was just me on that trip. The upgrade wasn't all the great.

However, another night, It was a "night away from the kids" for my wife and I, and THAT night would have earned ALOT of customer good will if we had been upgraded that night. That night would have be very special and we would really enjoyed a bigger/nicer room.

BUT, how could Marriott KNOW that some nights are more important to the customer that other nights? Put that question into the check-in process. Rather than just "YES, you are eligible", ask for a ranking of 1 to 10 for the upgrade if possible. 1 means that an Upgrade really won't make that much difference to the customer. 10 means an Upgrade would mean ALOT to the customer.

Then you can use that information in deciding who to give the upgrades to on any given stay. I don't really know how that decision is made, (points, who gets checked-in first, etc), but having additional information on when an upgrade would be meaningful and earn good will (and how much good will) could only help you make better decisions on how to use upgrades.