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Can Hotel+Air package be used for an MVC resort?

Question asked by lissakay on Aug 11, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 16, 2018 by lissakay

I have 8 nights booked at Marriott Kauai Beach Club for a one bedroom villa. It's a Cat 8, so 280K for the stay, or 40K per night. I have not yet purchased the certificates for the stay. I do have the required points in my SPG account, and was planning to buy the certs after the mass conversion on August 18. However, given the huge increase in point cost of the Hotel+Air packages after the 18th, I was considering getting the Hotel+Air package for Cat 8 and 120K miles at 360K.


Question is, can I apply the package, firstly, to an MVCI resort property?


And if so, can it be applied to 7 nights of the booking plus 40K additional points?

Or would that reservation need to be canceled and rebooked as two reservations, a 7 night plus a 1 night?


My reason for concern is that when I look at that property now, there is no availability for points reservations now. I'd be afraid that canceling to try to rebook could end up losing the booking entirely. 


What's my best move here?