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Question asked by krishm88 on Aug 10, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 11, 2018 by arizonatag

I have been a member of the Marriott Rewards program for multiple decades. Have over 997 nights of stay and 1.6 million points, I am way over the requirement of 750 nights of stay for Lifetime platinum. The need for points was told to me recently - towards the beginning of 2018. When I asked to see the details of the points over the lifetime I was told that is not possible. Also I just completed my travels to Peru to climb Machu Pichu - I am told that I can not get credit for the stays at JWM and SPG elite properties because the travel was booked thru a travel agent. Again this was not told to me at the time of reservation.


in summary my request is to get Lifetime Platinum based on far exceeding the need for number of nights (the only criteria known to me till  recently) and the loyalty of many years. 


the staff members at the customer service department are reluctant to escalate this situation to the Executive leaders and seek a resolution.  I was told to write to the Executives at the Bethesda, MD HQ - which I did - and got no response. My registered letter got returned as not accepted.

So much for the Marriott Golden Rule!


it is interesting to see the Businessweek article on the SPG/Marriott program merger and the Leadership helping the SPG members.  In this age of Air BNB and competing chains, I am surprised at the handling of my requests so far.


Please review, consider the facts, discuss with me as needed and take action in line with the Golden Rule.