The Last Leg of This Trip: Marriott Flight and Hotel Packages

Discussion created by prnsesmaldonia on Aug 10, 2018
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Earlier the question was asked " What is going to happen to the flight and hotel packages" If this question has been answered could someone post the answer or the link to what Marriott is saying regarding the packages/certificates. 

I started this trip just trying to make it to LTG based on the knowledge that MR Gold members would no longer have Lounge access. And now that we have made that goal and surpassed it making it to Platinum before July end date it is  now time to focus on the Last Leg of this enormous undertaking...what to do about the flight and Hotel packages.  

We were told some years ago by a Marriott insider that we should never use points to purchase rooms that the best bang for the buck was the Marriott flight and Hotel packages.  I took that advise and since then we save our points to purchase the Hotel Packages and only use points for hotels if I don't have any certificates..  Because we are also Marriott owners we purchase the 5 night travel packages. 

Just as taxing as the "Race to LTP" is trying to figure out the best way to purchase the Flight and Hotel packages before August 18th.  At first I looked at the New Awards chart and it seemed as if the categories had actually gone down but on second look - While the categories may have gone down the actual number of points required for the category in many cases had gone up....making this task much harder to figure out. 

My first question to those of you who have made the plunge and purchased your Flight and Hotel packages is how did you make your determination of your destination.. was it based solely on getting the best bang for your points or did you actually try to determine where you might want to travel to make the purchase?

Second can someone either point me to a previous conversation that shares what happens on August 18 (or what ever the date is that the rates actually change) when the new rates go into effect.  Also if there is any new information from Marriott to give better clarity on the issue.  The clock is fast approaching and time is running out. I either need to make a move or wait until the new rates have posted.