The Results are In...45% Favor the New Rewards Program

Discussion created by arizonatag on Aug 9, 2018

New Rewards Program 

The poll has closed and the results are in...204 insiders (out of 80+K) voted with 93 liking what their reading/hearing about the new Rewards Program; 52 not liking what their reading/hearing; and 59 indicating it is too early to decide one way or the other.

I'm sure there is plenty to hate and love about the merger depending on whether you were an original Marriott or SPG rewards member, already achieved Platinum Lifetime Status, and a plethora of other caveats. Hopefully once the dust settles post-Aug 18th, we will all enjoy a responsive and rewarding New Program. All the best Insiders! And in the words of erc ... keep on, keepin' on!